American Single Shot Rifle Association

The 2003 Single Shot Classic Rifle

By R. Dale McGee

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Well, the anticipation is over. The 2003 Single Shot Classic rifle is finished. And I will sum it up for you with one word: MAGNIFICENT!!

This year, the rifle was not completed quite as soon as we had anticipated; but no real problems, it just took a little longer. But once it was finished, I did have a minor problem coordinating the photo timing. Bernie Harrell was going to assemble the rifle, but he was due to leave for a week of hunting the "Elusive Turkey." I was to take pictures of the rifle, but I had a scheduled trip to North Carolina . What’s more, the rifle parts did not arrive from Classic Guns before I was to leave. However, they did get here before Bernie was to leave for his hunting trip. ASSRA Director and Membership Administrator, Keith Foster, was scheduled to pick up the finished rifle to take to the NRA’s National Convention in Orlando , Florida , (where he was to meet up with SSRJ writer, Charlie Shaeff, and the  manufacturer of this Borchardt action, Al Story, at the ASSRA booth).

But back in Ohio , one other minor problem cropped up!  When the box containing the 2003 Single Shot Classic arrived at Bernie Harrell’s, it did not include the buttplate! Hurried phone calls to Classic Guns quickly located the buttplate and some minor parts that someone had failed to put in the box. A simple human error (and who hasn’t made them?).  Overnight shipment put the missing parts in Bernie's hands an hour or so after Keith got to Bernie’s shop. Keith had driven all the way from Defiance , Ohio , to Springboro , Ohio , where Bernie lives to make “the pick up.” There, Bernie assembled the rifle in time for Keith to take it back to Defiance . Then Bernie went turkey hunting.

When I came back from North Carolina , it looked like we were going to have a deadline problem getting the rifle photos to Editor John Campbell in time to make the May-June SSR Journal dead line. So, I decided to drive to Defiance ,  (300 miles round trip) to get the photos to John in advance of the deadline. Editors do have a tough time, folks. There is not one deadline, there are dozens  that must be met while trying to get the magazine out on time.  In an effort to make this one, my long-suffering wife, Marilyn, agreed to drive up to Defiance with me to Keith's home. We got there about noon , then my wife and Keith's helped with the photo set up.   While Keith's wife was refereed, we managed to complete the photo work. I had borrowed a lap top (which I later bought) to "proof" the pictures, and I found that a real help.

In the final analysis, the pictures came out well and we  were only a half hour late to an Easter family supper engagement. A pretty good day, all in all.

Remember that the 2003 Single-Shot Classic Sharps Long Range rifle will be won by a very lucky individual who holds the winning ticket in the drawing to be held at this Fall's ASSRA National Championship Shoot at Etna Green , Indiana . The rifle represents the best of its kind, anywhere in the world: beautiful, classically styled and uncommonly accurate. Now that I have seen it in its finished state, my highest hopes have been exceeded. If I personally had access to an unlimited budget and the nations finest arms craftsmen, this would be exactly the rifle I’d want to create!  And unless you are a "Philistine" I think that you will agree.

By the way, the line for entry forms begins right here. So step right up folks, and get your tickets NOW! The more chances you buy, the better your odds of winning one of the finest single-shot rifles ever made! I've bought mine… so, where are yours?!

Entry forms for the 2003 Sharps-Borchardt Long Range drawing are printed on the inside front cover of the SSRJournal mailing wrapper. They can be had on line here:

Entry form.

Each entry is only $10. And new or renewed ASSRA members get one FREE entry ( a $10 value) as a sign-up gift from ASSRA.  For additional chances at the 2003 Single-Shot Classic, just copy the form for multiple entries. - Ed.