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       The American Single Shot Rifle Association maintains an Archive of arms related materials, that are available to anyone who is researching firearms history, is interested in spe­cific guns and their values and the technical aspects of their functioning. Materials are not limited to single shot rifles, although they are the basis of the archives collection. Of particular emphasis of the collection are materials that relate to the German-American schuetzen tradition (200-yard offhand), the Creedmoor 1000-yard long range history, and the early single shot and muzzIeIoading benchrest endeavors.

       You need not be a member of the ASSRA to make use of these materials, although a sample copy of the bimonthly Single Shot Rifle Journal is available on request with your mailing address. Limited research in the area of your interest is free of charge, but copies of magazine articles or book chapters are $3 each, and the loan of archives books is $5 or $10, depending on the num­ber of pages in the book. New titles are reviewed in every issue of the journal.


Other services:

ü       Detailed dimensional rifle drawings.  All of these were reverse engineered for casting kits the screw sizes are modern. The following are available. Winchester Single Shot, Ballard, Farrow, Sharps 1874, Remington No. 1 rolling block (including SST, OST, and side lever conversion), Remington Hep­burn, and Ballard & Soule tang sights, 8-1/2x11” sets for $10 each pdd . We also now have prints for the Sharps Borchardt these are done for making the action from bar stock and beleive the screw sizes are correct for original rifles.  

ü       Search of the Eric Johnson shop notes for the listing of who originally ordered your Eric John­son .22RF barrel and when it was delivered. $10 (but not guaranteed to be found.)

ü       Field Manual for the Browning Model 78 (and 1 885) single shot rifle, so that you can learn fi­nally how to take it apart with only two hands. $10 ppd.

ü       Etchings of the 1873 Irish and American Creedmoor rifle teams from Harpers Weekly. $5 ppd.

ü       29 different videotapes to show at your next gun club meeting, from how to shoot cartridge black powder silhouette rifles, to how to restore antique pistols, how to photograph guns, or how to reproduce the lettering on your old gun. $5 ppd. each for loan.

ü       Loan of 1 -1/8x20 tpi. tap and die for your Ballard tang. $10.

ü       Loan of three different lead hardness testers to measure the hardness of your lead bullet al­loys. (SAECOP Lead Bullet Technologies, and a German model) $10.

ü       Past issues of the Single Shot Rifle Journal contain series of articles about restoring a Rem­ington rolling block rifle, and gunsmithing an H&R Handi Rifle to be an offhand target rifle.

ü       Each 64-pp. bimonthly issue of The Single Shot Rifle Journal contains articles of similar inter­est! A free sample copy is available on request, but you might as well become a member of the American Single Shot Rifle Association, so that you can keep abreast of what’s shakin’ with the single shot rifle game. (Or in fact, with the gun world in general. Factory letters? Each issue con­tains an update on gleanings of articles from the current arms literature.)

 ü       Back issues of the Single Shot Rifle Journal when available are $6.00 each post paid. 

ü       A list of Books for sale can be found on the Archives link Books for sale. The books are all donated to the Archives and are duplicates on unrelated to the collection.

Laurie Gapko
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