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Dr. Franklin Mann Photo Album

The 300 photographs from the photo album of Franklin Mann, author of The Bullet’s Flight from Powder to Target (1909), were photographed through the efforts of member Alan Wonsun, who researched Mann and was able to borrow the photo album from Charles Ray, a Mann descendent. Copies of these priceless photos were given to the ASSRA Archives in 1995. (See ASSRA News, September-October, 1995.) Since then Mr. Wonson has transferred them onto CD and made them available for sale through the ASSRA Archives. They were photographed by Robert Fitch, with disk graphics by Thomas Perry. Copies of the CD are available from the Archives for $30 ppd.









The Warner - Lowe Letters

These are a voluminous collection of letters about rifle accuracy between Horace Warner (1832-1893) of Syracuse, NY and Warner’s business partner from 1886 to 1888, William Lowe. The letters, from 1885 to 1893, and others until 1940, were copied by erstwhile NMLRA President, Kevin Tinny and, one copy (some 2000 pages) was given to the Archives in 2002. The Archives have another bound first generation se. The Tinny set was scanned and re-typeset from the handwritten originals and made infinitely more readable by member Peter Mink, of Marshalltown Iowa, who transferred them to CD, and copies now are available from the Archives for $30 ppd.



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