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Single Shot Rifle Journal is the official magazine of The American Single Shot Rifle Association. It is America's oldest magazine dedicated to single-shot rifles, their use and history. And the SSRJournal is published six times per year. A subscription to SSRJournal is included with membership in the ASSRA.

The SSRJournal has been published since 1948 and is the country's most authoritative resource for information and history about single-shot rifles and their role in American and world history. Every issue features a full color cover and contains at least 60 pages of information and ads.

Back issues of the SSRJournal sometimes available, Contact 

An index of material included in them is available from Byron Goff, 4083 E. Round Hill Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85028 (602) 953-2141.

Writer's Guidelines For SSRJournal Submissions:

Generally, the topics of our material somehow relate to single-shot rifles, their current uses, their history, the accoutrements and craftsmanship connected with them, cartridges and handloading techniques related to them, or events which include them. We also have interest in topics centered on single-shot gunsmithing, "how-to" articles, authoritative research, etc. If your subject matter concerns a single-shot rifle in some form or fashion, chances are we'd be interested.
Here are the basic feature article guidelines that work for us:


1) About 1000 to 1800 words or so. More lengthy topics can be broken up and run as a small series.

2) Good sharp photos to illustrate the idea. Photos can be hard prints (B&W preferred but we can also handle color) or good high-res digital photography... at least 300 dpi. Number of shots? What it takes to tell the story clearly. More shots to give us a choice. Please don't Forget to include captions for your photos.

3) We like to get everything on a disc as well as in hard copy. We really prefer a CD. Copy can even be e-mailed. If you happen to have a MacIntosh computer, you're already on our good guy list.... but we do realize that 99% of the world has PCs, and we can handle that situation.

4) For copy, Microsoft Word is good. For photos, JPEG, or TIFF formats work well if you send them on disc. If given a choice, we prefer TIFF files.

5) We will try to acknowledge your submission as soon as possible and let you know if it is acceptable. If we inform you that it is, we will assume that you have accepted our offer to publish unless you say otherwise.

6) If your material is not acceptable, we will return it to you promptly. Especially if you've enclosed a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

7) For acceptable material, we pay our authors according to the value of the submission and our current budget. And we always wish we could pay them more. For without you, we wouldn't exist. The exact amount offered to an author is totally at the discretion of the Editor. It is, also our policy to pay upon publication of the material. And we print six issues of SSRJournal a year, so there may be an amount of "lag time" between the point we accept your material and the time you are compensated.

8) Send your submissions to: The Editor, Single Shot Rifle Journal,  10608 Summet Mountain Court, Knoxville, TN 37922: Phone/Fax 865.671.6267 or e-mail at


General Advertising Rates For SSRJournal

Display Advertising for the ASSRA Journal

To achieve the best possible results for our display advertising customers the ASSRA has joined with Designsensory. If you are interested in advertising in the Journal the team at Designsensory is standing by to help. Designsensory has a wide array of options and services to help you get the biggest bang for your advertising dollar. Whether you already have a design ready to go or need help getting your ideas on paper Designsensory is ready to get your message into the pages of the Journal. For more information or a current rate card call:
Anne Brogdon at  (865) 690 – 2249

Classified Advertising

Your membership entitles you to a free classified ad in the Journal. Your ad will run one year or until you tell us to drop the ad. Remember that classified ads are words only. If you need a picture or graphic in your ad that is a display ad please see the section on display advertising.
  For non-member classified advertisement the rate is $40.00 per ad. Non-member ads will run for the same one year or until you tell us to take your ad down.

Whether display or classified advertising the Journal is ready to help you reach your advertising potential. Call us at (865) 671 – 6267 or e-mail me at


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