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Video Library

          Coors 1985 Schuetzenfest, Duane Jenner, 2 hr.

          How Douglas Barrels Are Mad., by Don Shoop, 8 minutes.

          The John N. Browning Story, 1991, narrated by Fess Parker, 1 hr.

          Guns of the Old West, Volume 1, 18O3-1861, 1 hour.

          Guns of the Civil War, three cassettes, 160 minutes.

          A Visit with Jim Tillinghast ctgs and history, 1-1/2 hours.

          Gunsmith of Williamsburg, 59 minutes (damaged tape).

          Your NRA: An Investment in the Future, 1/2 hour.

          A Patriot at the Podium; The Public Life of NRA President Charlton Heston, 100+ minutes

          Black Powder Cartridge Silhouette, John Grant, Dixie, 40 min.

          Metal Preparation, 37 min. and Intro. to Custom Gunmaking, 85 min., American Custom Gunmakers Guild, Both on same tape

          This Old Gun, restoration of a pistol of the early 1700s, R.H. McCrory, 1996, 2-1/2 hrs.

          Pistols of the 1600s, RH. McCrory, 1997, 75 min. how Iocks work.

          Flintlock Reconversions and other Lock Work, RH. McCrory. 1998, 140 minutes.

          Restoration of Lettering on the 1903 Colt, RH. McCrory, 1999, 70 minutes

          Conversion of a .36 Colt 51 Navy Repro to .22RF, R.H. McCrory, 2001, 1 hr.

          Making a Matchlock, RH. McCrory, 2003, 48 minutes.

          Conversion of a .36 Remington Navy Repro to .22RF, RH.McCrory, 2001, 57 min.

          Schuetzenpark: Davenports Lost Playland, WQPT-TV documentary of Iowa landmark, 1997

          150 Years of Germans in Iowa 1-1/2 hr, lecture

          Shooting the Krupp Mountain Cannon, Historical Ordnance Video, 1/2 hr, 1987.

          Conversations with Bill Ruger, John Amber,1975. 1 hr.

          Kuchenreuter - Armsmaker to Royalty, 17 min, in German

          Bannermans Island, Val Forgett and the munitions cleanup, 1960s, 39 min.

          Basics of Firearms Photography, Mustafa Bilal, 1 hour.

          Four Centuries of Kentucky Long Rifles, Chas. Ebright 1 hour.

          Colt Firearms Legends, R.L. Wilson. Narrated by Mel Torm. 66 min.

          History of the Gun, 1st 3 hr8. of a 4-hr. TV program w. commercials.



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