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Welcome to ASSRA Online! This site is dedicated to informing potential members of what the American Single Shot Rifle Association is all about. and to update present members on the most current issues relating to ASSRA and its activities.

The American Single Shot Rifle Association (ASSRA) was founded in 1948 as an organization that promotes the responsible use, study and preservation of single-shot rifles. These include original and reproduction arms from the 19th and early 20th centuries as well as rifles of more current design. The ASSRA encourages and coordinates research into the history and lore of single shot rifles to disseminate such knowledge for mutual benefit. This is in part made possible by the vast archives maintained by the ASSRA. The ASSRA sanctions events that hold members to high standards of ethical conduct, promote genuine friendliness, tolerance and mutual respect for each other.

Membership in the ASSRA includes:

  1. A subscription to Single Shot Rifle Journal, the Association's color-cover 60-page magazine which is published six times per year. It is totally devoted to classic rifle shooting and all things single-shot.
  2. The ability to compete in all ASSRA-sanctioned matches anywhere in the world. These include both black and smokeless powder events.
  3. Access to the renowned ASSRA Archives, one of the world's most extensive libraries and repositories of shooting literature, memorabilia and artifacts.
  4. A free 40-word classified ad in Single Shot Rifle Journal for every year of renewal.

From this site, you can sample the information contained in the Single Shot Rifle Journal, find an ASSRA-affiliated club near you, locate upcoming matches and events, reference current match scores and learn more about ASSRA. Just click on the departments you're interested in. And remember to check ASSRA On-Line often. 


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$50 1 Year $65
$90 2 Year $115
$130 3 Year $165
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